Our America Initiative Launches “Stop the Duopoly” Campaign

February 7, 2018, Salt Lake City, UT — The Our America Initiative is launching a nationwide effort to broaden public debate and voters’ electoral options by removing obstacles that place independent and third-party candidates at unfair disadvantages both at the national and state levels.

Our America is a not-for-profit advocacy organization whose Honorary Chair is former New Mexico Governor Gary Johnson.

The “Stop the Duopoly” campaign will focus on raising public awareness of the legal and institutional barriers that have the practical effect of limiting voter choices to candidates from the Republican and Democratic parties, and on challenging those barriers legally, legislatively and politically.

As part of the campaign, Our America will sponsor rallies, symposiums and other events around the country with nationally-known speakers to draw attention to the role of two-party dominance in the current gridlock and divisiveness in Washington, DC, and beyond.

Our America Initiative’s “Stop the Duopoly” campaign will be nationwide

In addition, the campaign will mobilize the thousands of Our America members and supporters in all 50 states to advocate for fair debates, reasonable and fair access to the ballot for independent and third-party candidates, and balanced media coverage of those candidates.

Funding and professional resources will also be directed to recruiting and training credible, qualified candidates and activists at the local, state and national levels.

Announcing “Stop the Duopoly”, Governor Johnson said, “More than 200 years ago, Founding Fathers such as George Washington and John Adams warned of the consequences if the Republic came to be divided into ‘two great parties’. Today, more than ever, we are seeing those consequences. Congress can’t even pass a real budget, their most fundamental responsibility. And from immigration to health care, self-serving partisanship is producing one embarrassing failure after another.

“It doesn’t have to be this way. No one, especially the Founding Fathers, ‘decided’ that voters should have only two choices when they go to the polls. Yet, in state after state — and on the national level — we have allowed the Republicans and Democrats to erect legal and practical barriers that make it extremely difficult for independent or third-party candidates to mount credible, competitive campaigns. That needs to change, and now is the time.”

For more information about Our America’s effort, go to Stop the Duopoly .



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At a time when the news media, commentators and many special interest groups are determined to focus attention on political and policy extremes, a quiet but transformational shift is happening in America. While those on the edges of the spectrum are becoming noisier and more strident, more and more Americans are actually rejecting those extremes, shedding political labels and embracing a simple idea: Less government and greater freedom. The majority of Americans just want government to meet its fundamental responsibility to keep us safe, and to otherwise leave us alone to pursue our dreams, enjoy the freedoms the Founders envisioned, and go about our daily lives with minimal interference from politicians, bureaucrats and unnecessary laws.

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