Our America Initiative Launches ‘Fairness for New Americans’ Campaign

Grassroots, Media Effort Will Support Passage of DACA Legislation

SALT LAKE CITY, November 3, 2017 – With a March 5, 2018, deadline set by President Trump for Congress to act on the Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA) program, the Our America Initiative is launching a nationwide effort to support legislation to prevent the deportation of young undocumented immigrants who were brought or sent to the U.S. as children and whose undocumented status is due to no fault of their own.

In September, Attorney General Jeff Sessions announced that the Trump Administration was rescinding DACA, a program instituted administratively by President Obama. Under DACA, young immigrants meeting very specific requirements could apply for temporary legal status. Roughly 800,000 young people currently in the U.S. were eligible.

When the Trump Administration ended the DACA program, they postponed the actual implementation of their decision until March 5, 2018, to give Congress time to enact a permanent, legally clear solution to the uncertainty faced by young immigrants, many of whom have been educated in the U.S., know no other real “home”, and may have even served in the U.S. military.

While there is widespread support for responsible DACA legislation, President Trump is attempting to attach conditions to its passage that are controversial, including the border wall, greater restrictions on legal immigration and the hiring of thousands of additional border patrol agents.

Several pieces of “clean” DACA legislation have been introduced, and Our America will mobilize activists in all 50 states to urge their congressional delegations to support a straightforward, permanent resolution of these young immigrants’ legal status. Our America’s Honorary Chairman, Gov. Gary Johnson has spoken forcefully in support of such legislation in numerous national news interviews, and will continue to do so, along with other Our America leaders.

For more information about the “Fairness for New Americans Campaign,” go to Our America Initiative.

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(Photo of Graciela Nuñez, recipient of status under Deferred Action for Childhood Arrivals (DACA), speaking at Bob Ferguson’s annual Shrimp Feed, Northgate Community Center, Seattle, Washington, in September 2017. Nuñez was 2016 Ricardo Salinas Scholar at the Aspen Institute, is a Session Aide on the Racial Equity Team of the Washington State Legislature and a legal assistant at the Hawkins Law Group. She interned at the Unite States Senate Congressional Hispanic Caucus Institute. Photo by Joe Mabel used with permission.)



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At a time when the news media, commentators and many special interest groups are determined to focus attention on political and policy extremes, a quiet but transformational shift is happening in America. While those on the edges of the spectrum are becoming noisier and more strident, more and more Americans are actually rejecting those extremes, shedding political labels and embracing a simple idea: Less government and greater freedom. The majority of Americans just want government to meet its fundamental responsibility to keep us safe, and to otherwise leave us alone to pursue our dreams, enjoy the freedoms the Founders envisioned, and go about our daily lives with minimal interference from politicians, bureaucrats and unnecessary laws.

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